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Dead Rising Original Soundtrack

Dead Rising Original Soundtrack Credits Edit
  • Executive Producer: Hirofumi Nakamura
  • Producer: Mareo Yamada
  • A & R: Keiji Sato
  • Composer: Hideki Okugawa and Marika Suzuki
  • Mixing Engineer: Kazuya Takimoto
  • Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando
  • Mastering Studio: Aobadai Studio
  • Art Direction & Design: Yoshiki Takahashi
  • Project Coordinator: Eric Gorfain (Littlebox Music), Cobra Endo and Jerry McBee (Mugen/Nu Tyme)
  • Distribute Coordinator: Kentaro Oono
  • Supervisor: Yoshinori Kikuchi
  • Instrumental produced/String arrangement by Eric Gorfain.
  • Vocals produced by Christopher Spilfogel,
  • Guitar and Bass by Sean Lacefield, and
  • Drums performed by Chris Frazier all for the track Justified.
Trivia Edit
  • The one track that is missing but is present on the video game release is the song Gone Guru by Lifeseeker, this was due to a licensing agreement. [Verification needed ]
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Dead Rising 2 (PS3)

Dead Rising 2 (PS3) Dead Rising 2 (PS3) Review

Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to Capcom’s popular 2006 zombie action-adventure survivor horror fest Dead Rising. Originally released in 2006 Dead Rising provided us with a sandbox game in which we played Frank West, a photojournalist trapped in a shopping mall within the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado. Unfortunately for our character the town had been overrun with zombies and it was up to him to survive the horror and discover what had caused the outbreak.

Set five years after the original, Dead Rising 2 paints a bleak picture. The zombie infection has now spread over the whole of the US with zombies occupying large parts of the country and we play as former national motocross champion Chuck Greene. Chuck lost his wife in the original outbreak in Willamette and now is the sole protector of his young daughter Katey. Unfortunately Katey was infected in an attack by her zombie mother and relies on regular doses of the infection suppressant Zombrex. (Available at all good pharmacies).

The game starts in the fictional setting of Fortune City (think Las Vegas with less class) as Chuck trys to earn some money by appearing in the massively popular TV game show ‘Terror Is Reality’. The show challenges four players to kill as many zombies as possible with the one who kills the most taking away the prize money. In true zombie horror movie style the zombies caged for the show are soon on the loose and we are running for our life through the streets carrying Katey and looking for safe haven. Once we make it to a local defence shelter we have 72 hours to wait until the army shows up to save the day. Unfortunately we’ve run out of Zombrex for Katey, which she needs to take every 24hrs, and poor old Chuck seems to be being framed for releasing the zombies and causing the chaos.

So now we have 3 days to survive, find enough Zombrex to keep Katey from turning and clear our name before the army show up to arrest/shoot us. Whew.

The core storyline of Dead Rising 2 is progressed via a number of missions that we have to undertake. As with the original game we can earn both cash and Prestige Points by undertaking missions successfully and by rescuing survivors we find out and about on our travels. Cash can be spent on buying new items and Prestige Points are used as a form of ‘experience points’ to enhance Chuck’s abilities and make him a better dispatcher of the undead.

One of the most unique points of the original game was the ability to turn almost anything into a weapon. Anything that isn’t nailed down can be used to kill zombies. In Dead Rising 2 this is taken to a whole new level with the ability to combine items. For example, we can combine a canoe paddle with a couple of chainsaws to make a ‘Paddlesaw’ or an American football with a stick of dynamite, for the ultimate ‘Hail Mary’ play.

New in Dead Rising 2 is online co-op play. You can play online with friends, teaming up with a pal to take on the zombie apocalypse. Alternatively you can actually play the game within the game ‘Terror Is Reality’ online. We can take on 3 other players online in the various gladiator-type games available in the fictitious TV show.

In terms of controls, the layout used on Dead Rising 2 is straightforward to master. On the PS3 edition we had for our review the left analogue stick controlled movement while the right controlled the camera. Chuck always moves forward the way the camera is facing so it’s very easy to turn quickly or bob and weave through groups of zombies. The combat and item controls are accessed from the usual square, circle, triangle and cross buttons with the shoulder buttons providing access to vehicle controls. Overall it felt very natural to manoeuvre Chuck through the hordes of zombies and it didn’t take us long until we were able to escape quickly or take down a larger groups of undead in fun and unique ways.

The original Dead Rising limited the number of zombies on screen to several hundred. With Dead Rising 2 Capcom has bumped up the graphics engine considerably and now several thousand zombies can be seen. This increase in the number of onscreen zombies really makes a difference. When we are able to look out over the city and see the sheer number of zombies shuffling around it really adds to the chaotic feeling of the game.

Up close the zombies look as gruesome as ever and of course when we start to dispatch them the blood really starts to flow. It doesn’t take much for Chuck to be dripping in zombie blood, which we’re sure can’t be hygienic. Given the amount of blood, gore and body parts flying around it isn’t difficult to see why this game has an 18 rating.

The environment is beautifully realised, with lots of detail visible. The design of Fortune City is, without doubt, taken from Las Vegas however the garish surroundings of nightclubs and casinos mixed with the malls and parks of modern day US provide a wide variety of backdrops.

The voice acting in Dead Rising 2 is good, without being Shakespeare. The characters are all believable, if they do tend to fit into their stereotypes a little easily. The cut scenes are very watchable and do build the story very effectively.

While out and about in Fortune City the ever present moaning of zombies ensure you never forget how close they are and there are also many other audio queues that absorb us into the game.

Dead Rising 2 builds on the original very well with more environments to explore, more missions to undertake and many more zombies to kill.

At its heart this game is all about killing zombies, it is a simple premise which is very well executed. The storyline is engaging, the missions are interesting / challenging and there is nothing more exciting than taking down a street full of zombies with two chainsaws and a motorbike.

Grab the pizza’s and beer… turn off the lights and have a whole heap of fun. Dead Rising 2 is out today on PS3 and XBOX 360 and is available in standard or special editions. PC owners can pick up the game from October 1st 2010.

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Dead Rising - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a open world survival horror beat 'em up video game developed by Capcom, initially set as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2006 before also coming to other consoles and PC years later. It focuses on photojournalist Frank West, who ends up trapped in a shopping mall infested with zombies in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, while still attempting to uncover the truth behind the zombie incident.

The following guns were seen in the video game: Dead Rising .

Colt M1911A1

The Colt M1911A1 is found in Gunstore, carried by zombie cops, and used by Brad Garrison and several survivors.

M1911A1 - .45 ACP.

If only this idiot would just shoot himself and be done with it.

FN Five-seveN

A FN Five-seveN is used by Carlito Keyes in the final fight scene with Brad Garrison.

FN Five-SeveN (Original Model), 5.7x28mm

Carlito with his FN Five-SeveN.

SIG-Sauer P228

A SIG-Sauer P228 is used by Brad and Frank in cutscenes (where it replaces the 1911).

Brad give a P228 MAGAZINE to Frank.

Submachine Guns

The Micro Uzi is found in various places in mall

Micro Uzi with 32 round magazine - 9x19mm

Frank with a Micro Uzi.

The FN P90 is used by Carlito Keyes, not usable by player.

Fabrique Nationale P90 5.7x28mm

Carlito with a P90.

Remington 870

A Remington 870 is found in Gunstore and carried by several survivors.

Remington 870 Police Magnum customized with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge

A crazed survivor with a Remington 870, that looks like it hurts.

870s with Remington 700s on the rack.

Hybrid Assault Rifle w/M203

A rifle that resembles US Army's famous Colt M4A1. although in-game its official name is never claimed however it features differences, such as SA80 -like handguard with rails and an FN FAL -style stock. It is used by the special forces team and a survivor. Seen attached with an M203 (which seems to be only for decoration), the player gets to wield it later in the game. It has a capacity of 150 rounds.

The Hybrid Assault Rifle in-game

Sniper Rifles Machine Guns

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