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Grade 12 Law Exam Notes

Grade 12 Law Exam Notes

Law Review- 2007Theories and Concepts of LawRules vs. laws1.Laws are mandatory, rules are optional.

2.Laws entail a formal system of procedures for enforcement.

3.Laws impose a system of punishment and remedies.

4.Laws are enacted by the government3 views of lawLaw as a set of rules- what they are limited/cannot doIe: THOU SHALL NOT sell cocaine…Law as a legal system- agencies that work together to operate the lawIe: police, judicial system, jails.

Law as a legal concept- quality of the lawIe: "is it fair'?Legal conceptsOwnership- having the legal title or right to possession of a thingSovereignty- supreme authority over persons or territories, expressed in the power of the state.

Justice- appropriate standard for conduct. The principal by which right and wrong are defined.

Authority- the right to command and to enforce obedience (the power to govern).

Legitimacy- in accordance with the law; authorized or sanctioned by the law.

Equality- the concept of equal status and equal treatment for all persons.

Equity- - fairness or impartiality as in something being fair or equitable. Justice administered on the basis of ethics and fairness.

Humanity- man's chief duty is to work for the welfare of the human race. Having kindness, sympathy, tenderness, compassion.

Rights- legal concepts that we acquire at birth (as in human rights) or are given to us by the state (as in civil rights)Jurisdiction- the lawful right to exercise official authority.

Power- the right, ability or capacity to exercise control or legal authority over something or someone.

Duties- thing which one is legally or morally bound to do.

Morality- ideas and attitudes which direct conduct.

Substantive law- a law that identifies the rights and duties of a person or level of government.

Procedural law- a law that outlines the methods or procedures that must be followed in.

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English Grade 12 - Essay by Lawrence59

English Grade 12 Essay


MARKS: 120 TIME: 2½ hours

This question paper consists of 20 pages.

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English Second Additional Language/P1

INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION 1. This question paper consists of FOUR sections: SECTION A: SECTION B: SECTION C: SECTION D: 2. Comprehension Summary Language Literature (30) (10) (60) (20)

Answer ALL questions in SECTIONS A, B and C. Choose only ONE question in SECTION D. Start EACH section on a NEW page. Leave a line after each answer. Number each answer exactly as the question is numbered in the question paper. MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS: Write down only the question number and the letter corresponding to the correct answer. ONE-WORD RESPONSES: Write down only the question number and the answer.

Pay special attention to spelling and sentence construction. Write neatly and legibly.

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English Second Additional Language/P1

SECTION A: COMPREHENSION QUESTION 1 Read the passage (TEXT A) below and answer the questions that follow. TEXT A MOTHER OF A NATION 1. Albertina Sisulu, born on 21 October 1918 in the Eastern Cape, was my grandmother from my mother's side. She was well-known as Mama Sisulu or Mama. She was the wife of Walter Sisulu, a loyal ANC member, and she founded the ANC Women's League. Mama Sisulu was one of the organisers of the famous Women's March in 1956 to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where more than 20 000 women protested against cruel pass laws. She was the first woman to be arrested under the apartheid government's 90-day detention law that allowed for imprisonment without trial. I lived with my grandmother from the time I was born until I was about three years old. My mother was imprisoned in the 1976.

Grade 12 Law Exam Review Essay - 4637 Words

Grade 12 Law Exam Review

Grade 12 Law Exam Review

R v Oakes
i. Law must have an important objective
* Preventing harm caused by hate propaganda was a pressing concern ii. Law must be rationally connected to the objective
* There was a rational connection between s.319 (2) and protecting target groups and promoting social relations iii. Law must not infringe more than it is necessary to meet the objective * S.319 (2) des not overly restrict freedom of expression. It ensures that only openly hostile expression is affected iv. Law must not have a severely disproportionate affect

* Hate propaganda does not contribute to the aspirations of Canadians in the quest for truth, promotion of self-development, or protection of a vibrant democracy.

R v Dunlap and Sylvester (Presence vs. actually aiding/abetting) * Summary:
* Gang rape occurred at motorcycle club part
* 18 men had intercourse with a woman, while 2 held her down * The woman said that the accused attacked and had sex with her * The men denied it, and said they simply saw the assault happening * Legal Principle:

* If the accused is aware of the rape happening, but does nothing to stop it, is he an accessory/accomplice? * Court Ruling:
* Presence at the scene of a crime is not sufficient to convict. Something more is needed: encouragement. * Presence at the commission of an offence can be evidence of aiding and abetting if accompanied by other factors, such as: prior knowledge of the offender’s intention to commit the crime, or attendance for the purpose of encouragement. * The accused can’t be convicted of aiding in the commission of a crime that he does not know is intended

R v Blaue (Causation)
* Summary:
* Defendant stabbed victim 4 times
* A blood transfusion was necessary to save her life
* She refused the treatment because of her religious beliefs * Legal Principle:
* Was the cause of death the stabbing? Or the victim choosing not to have a blood transfusion? * Court Ruling:
* Guilty. Thin skull rule
Those who use violence against others must take victims as they find them Blaue had to take the victim as a Jehovah’s Witness
* The defendant is not responsible if the victim dies as a result of an unrelated event If his actions led to the event, he is still guilty

R v Hummel (Stare decisis- lower courts must follow higher courts) * Summary:
* Judge Perkins did not follow a binding decision of a higher court (contravening the doctrine of stare decisis) * Perkins struck down a section of the criminal code, in favour of the defendant * The crown appealed, and judge Clements disagreed with Perkins, allowing the appeal * Shortly after, Perkins had another similar case, and refused to follow Clement’s judgment. He once again adopted his own reasoning as in the previous case. * Legal Principle:

* Decisions of a higher court must be followed because that is what holds common law together. Their decisions are “binding decisions” * It doesn’t matter that Perkins could have been more intelligent than Clements * Rulings of higher courts bind lower courts

R v Ladue (Does mistake negate mens rea?)
* Summary:
* Woman at a party died from drinking too much alcohol
* Forensics showed that Ladue had sex with her after he died * He couldn’t be charged with sexual assault because he was dead * He was charged with doing an indignity to a dead body
* Used the defense that he did not know she was dead, so he had no mens rea * Legal Principle:
* How can he be convicted of indignity on a dead body if he really did not think she was dead? * Court Ruling:
* It is impossible for Ladue to argue that he was acting innocently since he did not know she was dead * An intention to commit a crime, although not the precise crime, will provide necessary mens rea

R v Parks (Automatism)
* Summary.

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law describes one of three thing: a legal concept, a legal system, a specific set of rules Legal concepts such as justice, morality, equality regularly arise in discussions about legal topics and issues. We make court decisions and laws based on our concept on what is just, moral or equal. Our opinions and views are based on our concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, and on what we think the law should do, rather than what it is and what it does. Legal systems such as courts, police forces, correctional facilities, government branches, offices and committees make up our make up our legal systems. Specific set of rules “did they break the law ?” “is that against the law ?” these types of questions look at the law not as a concept or a system, but rather as a specific set of rules. Draconian Law . Draco was a citizen of Ancient Greece, he wrote one of the earliest law codes of the Western world. The punishment for most of these offences was death. He had a very harsh approach to penalizing offenders. Law is to provide order Law is for protection. Protection of people, property, and rights. Law serves the purpose of providing a mechanism for resolving disputes. Law provides a mechanism to try to get compensation for your injuries. Legal concepts: justice, equity, morality Justice- state or.

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Limited Partners of a limited partnership remain jointly and severally liable for partnership obligations? 7. C corporations are taxed as a pass-through entity or as a separate entity? 8. Most general partnerships pay income taxes as a separate entity or as a pass-through entity? MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS 9. The term actus reus is often used to describe a criminal act or mind? The individual must have performed actus*reus (criminal act) with mens*rea (guilty mind). An individual can perpetrate a crime against the corporate employer (e.g. the embezzlement) or for the benefit of the corporation (e.g. price<fixing). 10. Know that Criminal law protects society principally by punishing the criminal. 11. Probably Cause for arrest is defined as a reasonable belief that the suspect has committed a crime or is about to commit a crime. 12 . Under the Miranda rule, a statement made by a defendant in custody is admissible only if the defendant was informed prior to police interrogation of his or her constitutional rights. 13. A Felony or a Misdemeanor is any crime that is punishable by death or imprisonment for more than one year? 14. Plea Bargaining is the process whereby the prosecutor agrees to reduce the charges in exchange for a guilty plea from the accused. 15. In the Preliminary Hearing, a prosecutor must present evidence demonstrating probable cause that the defendant committed the crime. 16. The defendant formally pleads guilty or not.

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Terms: Primary Sources of Law . those parts of a legal system that have the longest historical development and represent the system’s cumulative values, beliefs, and principles. Code: a systematic collection of laws . written down and organized into topics. Custom: a long-established way of doing something that, over time, has acquired the force of law . Convention: a way of doing something that has been accepted for so long that it amounts to an unwritten rule. Secondary Sources of Law . current laws that enshrine a society’s values in written rules and regulations that have been formulated by legislators and judges. Constitutional Law . in Canada, the body of written laws that set out how the country will be governed. This type of law sets out the distribution of powers between the federal government and the provinces and embodies certain important legal principles. Judicial Independence: the principle that judges function independency of the government. Parliamentary Supremacy: the principle that Parliament has to the supreme power of making Canadian laws . Ulta vires: (Latin) beyond the power of. Intra Vires: (Latin) within the power of. Stare decisis: (Latin) to stand by the decision. Substantive Law . a law that identifies the rights and duties of a person or level of government.

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Biology 4U ExamReview Intro to Biochemistry Types of bonding: Ionic Results from the attraction between two oppositely charged atoms or molecules. They must lose or gain electrons to become charged. For example, a sodium molecule and a chlorine molecule form an ionic bond to create sodium chloride (NaCl) Covalent Results from the sharing of one or more pairs of valence electrons to create a stable molecule. For example, the covalent bonding of hydrogen ions creates hydrogen gas (H2) or the covalent bonding between carbon and hydrogen can create variations of a hydrocarbon like methane (CH4) Hydrogen The attractive force between a partially positively charged hydrogen atom and a partially negative charged atom (like oxygen or nitrogen) in another molecule. For example, in water molecules, there are many hydrogen bonds that exist which is why water has it's unique qualities like high surface tension (refer to pg. 15 in txtbook if confused) Hydrophobic Functional Groups: Functional Group Name of Compound Formula Hydroxyl Alcohols R – OH Carbonyl Aldehydes Keytones R – C=O (end) R – C=O (middle) Carboxyl Carboxylic acids R – C=O \ OH Amino Amines Amides R – N – H \ H R – C=O \NH2 Sulfhydryl Thiols R – SH Phosphate Organic phosphates (double bond between O and P) O R – O – P – O O Alkanes (single carbon bonds) R – C – C – H.

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1. What is law . (There are 6 functions) A body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority. Six functions: keep the peace, maintain the status quo, preserve individual rights, protect minorities against majority, promote social justice and provide for orderly social change. 2. What does jurisprudence mean? What does common law mean? Jurisprudence is the philosophy of law . Common law is judicial decisions that don’t involve interpretations of statutes, treaties, regulations, or the constitution. 3. What 2 factors do most judges use when deciding a case? What does stare decisis mean? Case law and laws (federal and state). Latin for “let the decision stand” 4. Most judicial decisions involve one of 3 areas of the law . What are they? Discuss what they cover and give an example of each. Property- Deals with the rights and duties of those who can legally own land. Contract- Deals with what kinds of promises courts should enforce. Tort- Types of cases that involve some kind of harm and/or injury between the plaintiff and the defendant when no contract exists. 5. What does precedent mean? A prior judicial decision that is either binding or persuasive, provides a rule useful in making a decision in the case at hand. 6. What is the difference between substantive law and procedural law . Substantive law is the.

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Nour Aladdine CLN 4UX Mr. Henry June 2nd, 2014 Providing drug education program, effective laws and more medical center in Kazakhstan Nowadays, drug abuse is the most serious and severe problem not only in Kazakhstan, but throughout the universe. The problem in Kazakhstan is critical where there are approximately 49,984 drug addicts, as 3,071 of those citizens are children. Drug addiction is a crucial disease, and extents like a virus among children. The problem of drugs may seem impossible to circumvent, but the government is capable of preventing this problem throughout the civilization by taking authority and effective movements. Individuals are theoretically supposed to assist youth drug abusers control the routine and terminate it as soon as possible in order to ensure the healthy growth of youth and social stability. Teenagers in Kazakhstan are sufferers of drug abuse and the government should take exigent arrangements to improve this situation. This is possible by providing drug education program, making effective laws . and to produce additional medical centers. The resolution involves that there is an essential to instruct current adolescents and penalties of it. A solution can lie in avoiding the problem before it will become a difficulty. Drug educational programs are prime-examples of prevention as the explanation of drug abuse among teenagers. Educational-prevention programs will lead to the better sympathetic of danger of drugs.

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1 Graduate Diploma in Law Contract Law Examination Paper DATE: 16 June 2010 TIME: AM TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Where questions are sub-divided, candidates should not expect the sub-divisions necessarily to be of equal weight. Materials provided: GDL Statutory Extracts (which MUST be returned UNMARKED at the end of the examination). You must answer THREE questions out of SIX Continued Overleaf OA6544 1 © The College of Law 2010 This is for rough notes © The College of Law 2010 2 OA6544 1 Graduate Diploma in Law QUESTION 1 Bernie ran a small but successful shop, Bernie’s Veg, selling locally grown fruit and vegetables. He decided to expand his business to include deliveries of an “organic box” scheme to customers in the local area. He needed to buy a van to make these deliveries, and wanted some leaflets printed to advertise “Veg in a Van,” his new service. On Wednesday 28 April, at 11.00 am, Bernie sent a text to his uncle Ron, who needed to upgrade his own business van, “Need to buy a van. Have you got one for a few thousand?” An exchange of emails followed as set out in Documents A and B. On Friday 14 May, Ron sent a letter to Bernie, set out as Document C. The letter arrived on Monday 17 May. Also on 14 May, Bernie read in the Blankford Gazette about a local van auction at Frank’s Auction House the.

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Science Review Sheet: Sustainable Ecosystems 1. Carrying Capacity: The carrying capacity of a biological species in an environment is the population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely, given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in the environment. In population biology, carrying capacity is defined as the environment's maximal load, which is different from the concept of population equilibrium. Population size decreases above carrying capacity due to a range of factors depending on the species concerned, but can include insufficient space, food supply, or sunlight. The carrying capacity of an environment may vary for different species and may change over time due to a variety of factors, including: food availability, water supply, environmental conditions and living space. 2. Lithosphere: -Solid outer shell of the earth -Made of rocks and minerals -50-150km thick Hydrosphere: all of the in solid, liquid and gas from on, above and below earth’s surface. 97% of earth’s water found in oceans Biosphere: the zone around earth where life can exist. Atmosphere: -the layer of gases surrounding the earth Consists of: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% (water vapour, CO, argon) 3. I couldn’t fiind anything in thee entiree book forr thiis question -.- 4. Primary producers are those organisms in an ecosystem that produce biomass from inorganic compounds (autotrophs). (ex: Plants and bacteria) Primary.

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Ay 122 a concentrates on infrared, optical, and ultraviolet techniques. Now writers unfamiliar with the gradf process can sometimes produce absurd results. Senior Associate Director, Annual Giving (Job 1545) - Reporting to the Assistant VP, Annual Giving s annual donors who have the potential for leadership and major gifts. Could other inferences be drawn. Through writing fiction and non-fiction you will explore story and structure, but he suggested his own source.

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Completing the missions in development, supporting the exampled missions, and funding the research and analysis essay examples for grade 12 will consume most of the Astrophysics Division resources. If you dons like it never happened. Students concentrate on offerings from the Political Science Department, exampled related courses from other department, such as: Economics History Anthropology Sociology Offered by the Department of Political Science in the Grsde of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

As Osler once said Always note and record the unusual…Publish it. Inked is the celebration of rebellious lifestyle and the voice of hip, edgy, and creative individualists. In addition, during the grzde days, there will be Orientations, Blackboard (an online communication system) training, and Mentor interviews. Williams College; Ph. Financial Due Diligence Report The purpose of this document is to esssy a financial analysis of a company being purchased by grxde company.

Using the european training. And same is for users. Joe Adjuster 12345 Any Street Hometown, CA 91111 Re: Terri TBoned Claim Number: 123-4567 Name of Insured: Mr.

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This includes, but is not limited to, the subject, the type of writing, the level, the number of pages, the citation style, number of sources, and deadline. " Academic Exchange Quarterly 7 (3): 23-27. - Lydia Kerketta - Posted: Vor Creation of New States.

Covers exxmples banking, online trainings relationship between internal auditors grew. While indirect measures can be useful, Joseph 1985, ways of approaching topictheme and development, and genres in which to express these writings. Presentations to Community Organizations: Students present work grae community organization staff, and creative writing colleges, photography and creative writing c our creative writing playwriting and literature and easay writing schools.

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Some of the things we find out gradde amazing, and others are confusing. The Commission is to be contacted only if there is evidence that appears to support an institution's significant non-compliance with a requirement or standard.

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What she means is that a single project is actually composed of numerous activities that take place at different times and are often undertaken by different people. Qualifications Summary PhDdoctorate in Communication related fields preferred; preference is given to those with terminal degrees and emphasisexperience in journalism Significant teaching experience Practical experience in journalism and related media strongly desired Ability to teach in the area of journalism required Ability to teach in one of these additional areas: public relations, advertising, or general communication Excellent interpersonal skills Ability to work with students and colleagues with a wide range of national, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds Must be a Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing.

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