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PPT - HOMEWORK PowerPoint Presentation

HOMEWORK PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • For your homework you are going to design a newspaper front cover which shows Scotland has free media
  • You may include other stories on your front cover as regular newspapers do

  • Your homework is due one week today. You must record this in your homework diary!

  • Winners will be selected from each S1 class who will a place on a visit to the STV studios

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    Home Learning Page

    Home Learning Page

    Homework Policies and Procedures

    Students will be assigned daily homework. All students will be responsible for copying the daily assignments into their journals, and completing assignments on a daily basis. Homework is a reinforcement of the days' lessons. Regular homework provides opportunities for developmental practice, drill, the application of skills already learned, the development of independent study skills, enrichment activities, and self discipline. Parents are encouraged to check their child's homework folders/journals daily for assignments, projects, due dates, and/or teacher communication.

    Reading Logs - Students will be required to read daily for a period of thirty minutes. All reading assignments will be recorded in their "reading log" which will be provided by the teacher. Parents are asked to check and sign their child's reading log daily. Please do not sign for the week, as this defeats the purpose of daily parent participation. This will not only help establish a love of reading but a positive routine in your child's learning habits. Reading assignments also allow parents to monitor their child's progress and reading performance.

    Vocabulary Words - Vocabulary words will be assigned weekly. Assignments for words will be given daily. Please check your child's journal/homework folder for daily assignments. All words will be assessed every Friday.

    Spelling Words - Spelling words will also be assigned weekly. Assignments for words will be given daily. Please check your child's journal/homework folder for daily assignments. All words will be assessed every Friday.

    Accelerated Reader Program, (AR) - The AR program is a reading program designed for students to read independently at their individual reading levels. All students will set AR reading goals that should be met each grading period. In order to accomplish the set goals, students will check out AR books from the library and take computer tests on the books read. Students are required to pass with at least a 70% on each test to score the points. Top AR readers will be rewarded and recognized for their achievements and accomplished goals. Winners will be announced during morning announcements

    Folder Design Contest - Design a Presentation Folder

    Folder Design Contest

    When you submit a folder design to our gallery, you’ll be automatically entered into our folder design contest. This yearly competition gives you the chance to win a discount and have your work specially featured online, where it will receive even more attention from potential clients or employers.

    • Only folder designs submitted to our gallery are eligible
    • Each design may not be submitted more than once; previously submitted folder designs are ineligible for the contest
    • No entry fee
    • No limit to the number of designs you submit

    Winners are selected once a year. Only designs submitted before October 1st will be considered for that particular year’s contest. If you submit a design after this date, we will still include your submission in the following year’s contest.

    Your design will be reviewed by our experienced graphic artists as well as the CEO of Company Folders, Inc. who is always seeking out new design talent. We will judge your design based on the following criteria:

    • The overall aesthetic appeal of the design
    • How well the design achieves its intended purpose (based on the information you provide)

    We will announce the winner of each contest within two weeks after the due date. Each winner will receive:

    • An interview highlighting your work and background, which will be featured on our blog, on our social media accounts and in our newsletter
    • 30% off of all orders from Company Folders for a year (cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions)
    Previous Winners

    Check out the winners of our previous contests and get an in-depth look at their exceptional folder designs!

    By submitting your work to our gallery and contest, you grant Company Folders, Inc. the right to reproduce images your work on our website, social media accounts, newsletter, and print materials. You also acknowledge that the design you submit is original and that you own all rights related to its use and distribution. We are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of those who submit designs to us.

    13 presentation folder designs to inspire you

    Creative Bloq 13 presentation folder designs to inspire you These attention-grabbing presentation folders designs strike the perfect balance between functional and beautiful.

    Designing a presentation folder that stands out but still looks business-like is a real creative challenge. You need something that's functional and doesn’t distract from the actual presentation, but also attention-catching enough that it will be remembered. To inspire your own creations, here are some inspiring presentation folder designs that have caught our eye recently.

    01. Ivy Hotel

    This design for Ivy Hotel is smart and elegant

    Los Angeles-based CRU Agency created a design for San Diego's Ivy hotel that looks deceptively plain and simple, but is actually quite smart and very elegant. You can tell just looking at the ornate logo that this hotel is very high-end.

    02. Lewis & Arnold

    A high-impact, glossy design for Lewis & Arnold

    Showcase Creative created this eye-popping design for Lewis & Arnold that makes great use of the Spot UV technique, which causes the company’s name, logo, and 'blueprint' to have a high-impact, glossy sheen that jumps out and grabs you.

    03. Serpentine Cut Corporate Folder

    A riot of colour in this presentation folder for Serpentine Cut

    Created for visual communications agency Riot Creative Imaging by CF Folder Designers. this sleek design is bold but deceptively simple on the outside, and a riot (no pun intended) of colour on the inside.

    04. Baneron Corporate Design

    This presentation folder design is all about the logo

    How important is a good, bold logo? It absolutely makes this folder, and Tobias Bechtle’s decision to go with a clean, empty background allows it to stand out that much more.

    05. Realty Austin

    You can't miss the call to action here. Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/realtyaustin/5329801637/

    If you’ve never been to Austin, TX, it's a vibrant, creative, colorful city. So it may seem strange that the bulk of the interior of Realty Austin’s folder is just white space, but I think it’s brilliant. It really makes you take notice of the one huge call to action in the centre - "make the move", and the rainbow-colored border on the top hints at all Austin has to offer.

    06. London4yoo Folder

    A light, etheral illustration brings this presentation folder to life

    Tasked with making a folder for a company that's about seeing all different corners of London on the web, GraphicTank offers just that: London. The city spreads out before you on the page in a light, ethereal manner that just begs you to look deeper.

    07. Accrete Presentation Folder

    A presentation folder design that grabs attention instantly

    Something about this design from Discovery Design for training provider Accrete just pops. Maybe it's the soothing shades of blue. Or the sharp lines and corners. Whatever it is, it makes you sit up and take notice.

    08. Cidma Group Corporate Folder

    An innovative design from Gill Cad

    Gill Cad clearly likes to challenge our expectations of shape. This design for home and building consultantcy The Cidma Group surpasses the one above in terms of how far it's willing to stray from the norm, and this very inventiveness makes it a winner.

    09. Zarqa Projects Folder

    We love the colour choices for this presentation folder

    Designer Aljonaidy keeps the design relatively simple here, but what he does incredibly well is to pick the right colours and focus on QIT company Zarqa's logo, even going so far as to make the 'Z' a part of the overall look of the folder.

    10. Hartland Builders Presentation Folder

    The logo is the focus of this presentation folder

    Though relatively simple, this design gets so many things right. It makes the fantastic logo the focus, really selling the sunny, happy community this company can create. That great in and of itself, but when coupled with the dark wood finish on the bottom half of the cover, it creates a sense of strength and permanence.

    11. Laptop folder

    This brilliant idea shows that presentation folders need not be dull

    Now this is how you create a presentation folder that stands out. Msalah 's design looks so much like a real laptop computer that you might even be tempted to open it up and start hitting keys. And the functionality fits the design, too, with a 'disk drive' that holds a real CD or DVD.

    12. Tensports folder

    A vibrant design for a sports TV channel

    With a design that looks like a random tagger left his mark, this folder by Workstation for sports channel Tensports has a real vibrancy.

    13. University of Arts Presentation Folder

    This doodle-style folder is very different, but works a treat

    This design may be, as creator Horhew says, just a "homework assignment", but the decision to use a "doodling" style gives it a cool, artsy vibe that really works.

    Darryl Tott is a blogger for Showcase Creative. a presentation media printer that provides high quality short-run presentation folders and printed ring binders based in Camberley, UK.

    Liked this? Read these!

    Have you seen an inspiring example of a presentation folder design? Let us know in the comments below!

    Blog activity Win a limited edition Lawson folder!

    Amendment 1 as of 28 Jan, 6.50 pm:

    – Only text messages are accepted. No pictures or background designs is allowed.
    Using pictures is a disadvantage to many participants who do not know how to design.
    What is needed is just a sincere message of encouragement. Be creative in playing with words

    – Terms and Conditions no. 9 is added.

    You may become the lucky winner of a limited edition Lawson folder!
    These limited edition Lawson folders are currently available in Japan, free with the purchase of snacks, but on a first-come-first-served basis and will not be in stock when the Lawson promotion is over in end January.

    We hope our support and love can sustain JKS when he’s feeling tired or down. As eels, we are his source of energy!
    All you have to do is to write a note of encouragement to JKS in less than 50 words, and email it to the JKS Forever blog team. Please note that if your note does not contain any words of encouragement, it will be disqualified and you will be informed.

    Submission Deadline: 14 February 2012

    The winning 10 entries will be those most sincere, creative, fun or outstanding.

    The prize will be sent via registered airmail to any address in the world.
    Prizes are kindly sponsored by tenshi_akuma. (Thanks, Tenshi

    What are you waiting for? Send in your entry now!
    Find out how and read on.

    You should use the exact format below for your email submission/entry.
    Send your email to jksforeverproject@hotmail.com

    2. Preferred folder number: [choose one number from no. 1 to 5 – refer to pic above]

    (the contents of your note in less than 50 words)

    1. Only submission in English will be accepted. Submission in other languages will be disqualified.
    2. A participant can submit up to 5 entries, but every participant has a chance to win only one folder. If the participant already wins one folder with one entry, her other entries will not win more.
    3. Entries that are more than 50 words (not counting Dear JKS and your name at the end) and entries that do not contain words of encouragement will be disqualified.
    4. All submissions will be considered by our panel of 3 judges (who are not participating for the prize). Judges’ decision is final. No appeal will be entertained.
    5. The results i.e. the 10 winning entries will be posted before 25 February 2012.
    6. Winners will be asked for their address via email. Prizes will be sent in March 2012.
    7. Stating your preferred folder is not a guarantee that winners will definitely get their choice. We’ll do our best to accommodate but where it is not possible, we will send winners any one of the five designs.
    8. Registered airmail means proof of posting will be provided. Tracking of mail is possible, but receipt is not guaranteed. JKS Forever blog will not be responsible or liable for airmail lost in the postal process, and no compensation or replacement will be given.
    9. By sending your message to us, you are thereby giving consent to us to show your message in a future blog project IF we need to use it.

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    First and foremost thank you tenshi akuma for sponsoring this project. It encourages us eels to use our creative juices in writing words of encouragement to our beloved sukkie. I personally can say that 50 words is not enough to describe the beauty ,nature & unique personality of this guy. This person amazes me with his gift of talents and abilities. I submitted a total of 6 entries with 50 words each entry. I followed your instructions to the T. My only concern is, in your terms & conditions it states that a participant is only allowed 5 entries however I submitted 6 entries. Will my last entry be disqualified? What can I say… I have full praises for my dear Sukkie. I hope you will consider my last entry. I assure you it is a short essay full of words of encouragement. To all eels please continue to love & support SUKKIE for when he’s feeling tired or down WE are his only source of energy. FIGHTING! SUKKIE WE LOVE YOU!

    In short, only 5 entries per participant will be accepted, so one of your 6 entries will be disqualified. I will email you regarding that.

    Yes, we know that many eels have the talent to wax lyrical about JKS for many pages. The purpose of keeping it short is to keep the message readable and easily digested. I think JKS won’t have the time to read long essays!

    We would also like to give each person a few chances and not just one, but it will not be fair if one person submits a few and another person submit 20 or even 50. Hence my decision to limit it to 5 entries per person. Hope this clarifies ^^

    “To all eels please continue to love & support SUKKIE for when he’s feeling tired or down WE are his only source of energy. FIGHTING! SUKKIE WE LOVE YOU!”
    – Super like! 🙂

    I love how giluvgeun expresses her love towards Sukkie!
    And I love how fervent the eels here are in their support towards Sukkie!
    If there ever is a chance to attend Sukkie’s FM with you guys, it would be my privilege to know you people. o)

    Thank you for taking the time in reading my entries. I understand that we need to give chance to others. It probably just shows how much we love and support him. More power to you and the jksforever blog team.

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