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Being The Only Child Personal Essay For College

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Helping the Children

Helping the Children

Helping the Children in My Community

My younger brother has proven himself to be a mastermind with Play-Doh. I've only recently noticed that he puts more work into a simple fish than I ever considered necessary when I was his age. I watched him as he developed a plan for a school project, a diorama of a scene from Charlotte's Web. He first thought about what he should do and decided on a depiction of Wilbur gazing up at Charlotte in her web. He gathered his materials and molded a pink pig and a black spider out of Play-Doh. The next day he presented his work to his teacher and his class for their praise or disapproval. I've devised a plan, will soon be on my way to gathering my materials and molding them into shape, and will later present my work to my community.

My plan is tentative, generalized and far from detailed, but I know where my heart is and what concerns me most as far as community issues. I am very interested in working with children. With a college degree in child psychology. I hope to help many children because I think a happy and healthy childhood is crucial to one's success as an adult. I am also concerned about education in Mississippi. As a student of the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science, I have seen many of my fellow students laugh at the idea of attending college in Mississippi. I do not believe that out of state colleges are better than Mississippi colleges, but the reputations of those out of state are sometimes better, and I believe that can be changed. Many Mississippi residents feel they have no choice other than to leave home and attend college out of the state, but I disagree entirely and hope to one day be a part of the groups trying to better education in Mississippi.

During my years in college, I will obtain the tools necessary for a successful life of community service. I want to be a part of community service clubs as I have been in high school and meet the people who will later be involved in community programs as college graduates. My college years will be a vital part of my plan to work with children and improve the reputation of Mississippi colleges. My work for a college degree is the most important part of this plan in that it will be my education to be a professional.

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The time I put into earning a college degree will be a time for me to mold my ideas into coherent shapes and detailed plans. Once I have received a degree, I will use this education for the improvement of my community as well as the value of my life.

The plan I have developed and work I will put into making this plan successful will be judged in my presentation to the public. The effort I put into earning my degree, working with organizations, and developing my own programs will only be useful if the public deems it so, and in the event of public praise, I will truly know how well I have given back to my community. I plan to use my education to the fullest with mentorship programs for local kids as well as tutoring groups at the schools in my community. My career will allow me to reach out to children in my community. As an alumna of a Mississippi college, I will be in touch with people able to help me get involved with education in Mississippi. Hopefully, members of my community and my state will find my efforts helpful.

At this point in my life, I can't predict exactly how I will pay my community back for allowing me to be a part of the group, but I am certain that I will, tenfold. Throughout high school I have felt the rewards of community service by giving and receiving generosity, and I do not plan to abandon that satisfaction as a college student and graduate. I have made a general plan, am on my way to putting it together, and will one day happily present my project. My work with children will be a benefit to the community because many of the children that I will one day be involved with have the potential to be valuable assets to their communities. I believe that I will make big improvements in the education system in Mississippi. Only time will tell the real story, but I will work hard to ensure success for myself, which will in turn be a success for others.

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Personal Essay For College Admissions

Personal Essay For College Admissions

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Personal Essay For College Admissions

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The Only Child Essay

Free Essays Must Be Free! TM The Only Child Essay

While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. If you are in a time crunch, then you need a custom written term paper on your subject (the only child)
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Only Child
It seems as though our society has placed a negative association with being an only child. Many people consider these children to be at some sort of disadvantage.

The Only Child Popular thinking often gives an unflattering picture of only children, portraying them as self - centered, attention seeking, dependent, and temperamental. Despite these negative stereo types, smaller families in general, and only child option are growing in population. This essay will determine how and why the only child differs from a child who has siblings and if being an only child is really a disadvantage. It will also determine the advantages of being an

Family And The Only Child
FAMILY AND THE ONLY CHILD I have often wondered why, when I told people that my spouse and I have one child, their response is.

only child. Only children, like first - borns, generally have been found to score slightly higher on measures of intelligence than younger siblings. Also, first - borns, last - borns, and only children posses the highest level of self esteem. Recent findings reveal that an only child is more socially sensitive, does better in school, is no more likely to be shy, self centered or spoiled than a child with siblings. (Newman, 19) Only children are

Child Rearing in the Victorian Era
Childhood barely existed for most British children at the end of the eighteenth century, since they began a lifetime of hard labour as soon as they were capable of simple.

generally quiet stable, secure, sharing and happy individuals. Despite daily evidence that relationships with siblings can be doubtful, many only children fantasize about what having a sibling might be like. Only children also have very strong ideas about what siblings could be, everything from associates to role models. Clearly, only children come with all sorts of personalities, whether they are shy or out going depends on many factors. Being an only child can have many advantages

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In Today’s American society we fail to address several issues that need to be solved. Unfortunately, child abuse is one of the major issues that our country is plagued.

and disadvantages. The disadvantages to being an only child is they may have low tolerance for frustration. For example, their used to getting what they want when they want it. Being an only child can sometimes be nerve wrecking because the parents of an only child tend to be considerate and protective of their child s feelings. Not only do they not want their child to come to harm, they themselves

Athletics In Elementary
How Do Athletics Affect us in the Long Run Nearly every child, at one point or another in its young and impressionable life, has participated in athletics. Beneath the purity.

to do not want to be the source of injury to their child. (Sifford, 64) This causes the parents to constantly be on the child s back. Always being in the spotlight can sometimes cause stress and be depended on most of the time. Also, being an only child is a disadvantage in terms that they might not always want to talk to their mom and dad. There are some things that an only

Multiple Personality Disorders
Multiple Personality Disorders By Philip Ausherman Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) was first recognized in the 1700's but was not understood so therefore it.

child can not talk to their parents about and feel the need to have someone else there to talk to. Only children tend to take hurts deeply to heart and hold on to them for a long time. For example, when thinking about a difficult time still makes them angry. They also may be private and protective of vulnerable

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